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Re: (kids who talk about sueing)

From: dj (djash)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 14:39:04 PDT

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    > What is even more infuriating is if you read the "That's Outrageous " section of
    > Reader's digest. They tell about situations were people are getting away with
    > sueing for absolutely ridiculous things. Like the robber who hurt himself as he
    > was robbing someone's home. So he sued the homeowners.
    > MaryB

    I can't tell you how many kids I have that have 'trust accounts' waiting for them
    because they or their parents have sued someone at sometime or another. And to
    listen to them talk about it in class is so discouraging. Not long ago one of my
    students was in a car accident and was talking about suing the other driver, the
    homeowners who had a flower stand too close to the road blocking vision, the town
    for not zoning it and on and on. More than one kid made a comment about wishing they
    could sue someone and get some money too. It was terrible and I hear it all the


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