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kids who talk about sueing

From: Patricia Knott (pknott)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 13:31:57 PDT

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    << When all you have to do is touch a student
    on the arm to get their attention so that you can ask them a friendly
    question and they tell you that they could sue you for that, we have a
    problem. >>

    I am so sick of hearing this kind of nonsense from kids. We had an incident
    recently. Several kids were caught drinking at the prom. They were told
    they would be able to complete school requirements (on Homebound) but not
    be able to attend graduation. These were "good" kids, honors students and
    the parents threatened a suit. Guess what? They are marching at
    graduation. When the parents of student who was caught with drugs in school
    heard this, they threatened to sue. Guess what? He will be marching at
    graduation as well. What good is it to have rules that are so easily
    disregarded by threats of a law suit.

    I did use the suing idea to my advantage a few years ago. When I came to my
    school to teach photography, I found the darkroom to be totally
    unacceptable. It was so small, that if kids were working at the sink and at
    the enlargers I couldn't make my way through the room. I took the principal
    into the darkroom, explained the situation and said "I can't walk through
    here without rubbing my breasts against somebody." He said "ooooh!" Next
    year I had a brand new, very large darkroom.

    It amazes me that these kids today can hardly put together a coherent
    sentence, but they sure know how to say "I'll sue."

    On this holiday, I've had too much time to spend on the computer. I need
    to go do some real work.



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