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sketchbook debate......

From: Bunki Kramer (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 11:04:09 PDT

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    from: Bunki Kramer (
    Los Cerros Middle School
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    >> << ... I don't like sketchbook
    >> assignments..... I HATED THEM!
    > I agree! Me too!.....Now that I'm going to be teaching middle school for the
    > first time, I figure I'll use sketchbooks for them to learn and make examples
    > of the elements of art, kind of like a study guide, and also use for
    > sketching for project preparation and HW, etc.
    > Holly :0)

    >I always hated it too.

    I only included two of the many responses to me my post and list and on. I found the outcome to be very surprising to me as an
    art teacher. I expected to hear the venom of those who most strongly
    disagreed with me and a few of you didn't disappoint. Some of you read the
    line, "I hate sketchbooks", to read "I never teach my students how to
    sketch". I don't do it in book form with arbitrarily assigned items (which I
    think is dull as dishwater and uninspiring). That was expected...truly.
    What WAS surprising was the NUMBER of you who agreed with me!

    I also have some of my classes do an "art book" with P&E's, theory, etc. I
    also use the plastic binder method which I like because you can remove or
    re-locate the pages throughout the semester. These books I don't consider
    sketchbooks because they are not.

    What IS obvious is all of us have different methods to accomplish the same
    goals for teaching drawing. Some of us are more traditional and some of us
    are more creative. Your stance will not change me nor will mine change you
    at this juncture. There is no wrong way nor better way....just another
    way...and to that end I say.....toodles........


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