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Re: frightening

From: Batmom44
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 06:05:39 PDT

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    In a message dated 5/28/00 7:09:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
    gregjuli writes:

    << It isn't just
     schools. We've had violence at fast food restaurants, post offices ,office
     bulidings ( Atlanta) and malls. >>

    You're right. It is everywhere. And one cannot live in a shell. However, I am
    growing weary of dealing on a daily basis with the fruits of our labors in
    such large numbers. It is not just the shootings and bombings. It is the
    overall attitude of some of our students and the attitude of the parents that
    we are supposed to put up with it. When all you have to do is touch a student
    on the arm to get their attention so that you can ask them a friendly
    question and they tell you that they could sue you for that, we have a
    problem. They cut themselves with the scissors because they were using them
    incorrectly and they want to know if they can sue the school. All you hear
    about is how we don't have the right to tell them what to wear, not to have
    sex in the bathrooms, to use foul language, or fail them just because they
    don't do the work. We had some middle school parents who attended a school
    improvement council meeting enmasse to cry, hug, pray and threaten the
    administration over a song that was played at an assembly by a visiting
    artist band!! After they were advised of content.
    The next time we have one of those very special faculty meetings where we are
    learning what to do with an armed intruder, I think I will ask the question
    that has been on my mind for some time. "Will I be written up, reprimanded,
    suspended, fired, or open to law suit, if I strike an armed intruder who
    happens to also be a student?" Not that I think I would. But if the
    opportunity presented itself and I thought it would save the lives of my
    students and myself, I would.
    I'm just having some long serious thoughts about what to do with the future.
    Is it worth it? Kinda thing.


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