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Re: trick for drying clay without splitting

From: Maggie White (mwhiteaz)
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 22:06:40 PDT

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    Lisa wrote:

    > Hi everyone,
    > I have not been very successful in drying my clay projects without them
    > cracking before they are completely dry ( for example a picture frame with
    > 4 seperate strips top bottom and sides)?

    Lisa, do you mean your joins are cracking? If so, make sure you are using the
    score-and-slip method: on each edge to be joined, incise lines about every
    1/8" or so with a needle tool. Add some slip--better than plain water--push
    the edges together firmly, and really seal those seams with a wooden tool or
    your finger. Try covering the project with a slightly damp paper towel if you
    don't have a damp cabinet to put it in.

    > Also does anyone have any
    > suggestions for rolling clay slabs then trying to remove them from the
    > table, without ruining the slab? Does it work better if rolled on
    > newspaper?

    My students roll their clay on pieces of heavy canvas or duck. They can then
    lift the piece by the edges of the canvas to go to another area of the room.
    It also helps if they slide a piece of 1/4" masonite under it. To keep the
    slabs from distorting, I have them place the whole slab in the damp cabinet
    overnight; this firms up the slab enough to make cutting the pieces out easy.



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