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Re: trick for drying clay without splitting

From: Felsecker (felsecker)
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 22:58:17 PDT

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    Hi Lisa!
    I have found that if I dry the clay projects TOO quickly, they will crack. I
    had this happen when my class was creating plates using the background,
    middleground, foreground concept. I had ONE out of maybe 40 crack and I
    think it was because it sat in direct sunlight to dry.
    Also, I had them roll the clay out to fit the plate they were to mold it to
    (just like rolling out pie crust) but first I had them take damp paper
    towels to line the plastic plate. This keep their clay plate from sticking
    to the plastic plate. Actually, I got this idea from one of the art
    magazines I subscribe to. I was a little nervous because it was a new
    project I'd never tried before; the last project of the semester; the kids
    were getting antsy; and it is a time consuming project....but they are
    really very nice.
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    From: Lisa <Paintbar>
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    Subject: trick for drying clay without splitting

    > Hi everyone,
    > I have not been very successful in drying my clay projects without them
    > cracking before they are completely dry ( for example a picture frame with
    > 4 seperate strips top bottom and sides)? Also does anyone have any
    > suggestions for rolling clay slabs then trying to remove them from the
    > table, without ruining the slab? Does it work better if rolled on
    > newspaper? Help! Thanks, Lisa
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