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Re: another shooting

From: Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 19:19:13 PDT

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    Roberta. I donīt know if I can answer your questions and neither do I have
    a solution for this big problem that violence and guns are.

    >Please share what works in your schools, what do you do for your troubled
    >kids >and do you have parent cooperation. In my rural school parents are
    >allowed to >refuse that their "special needs" kids be tested - some say "I
    >was a special >ed. kid and I won;t let my child be one too" this even
    >when the child hates >school, is failing and disruptive. So what do you
    >see different in your >countries approach and ours. Are we too permissive
    >- that is my first >thought.
    >Thanks Roberta

    I think I can say we have good parent cooperation in our schools and we
    certainly try to help our troubled kids. We use inclusion and try not to
    make it too obvious that kids are "special needs" and certainly they all
    get tested but then we try to make them feel really a part of their group.
    I donīt know what you mean by "too permissive", we are considered too
    permissive with our children in Iceland but I think one cannot really
    compare these things. Your culture is in most cases different from ours
    even though there are similarities like the fact that both countries were
    built by people that left their homes to find a place where they could more
    free. But an important difference is also we have very strict gun laws and
    even our police do not carry guns. I donīt know why it is but we have very
    very few murders in our country but yet crime is increasing somewhat so the
    times and way of life today maybe have something to do with this.
    As some of you have mentioned I do think we need to change human beings and
    that is not an easy task. We must try to foster kindness and a way for our
    children to sort out their differences without violence.
    Peace and love from the far north,


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