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Re: twist on "art show incident"

From: KLMVisArt
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 05:17:03 PDT

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    Here's the facts...

    The colored pencils were in a labeled box- with my handwriting. They were
    not covered but were out in the open (because I have no closet and must get
    everything set for the day). Since my building is 3 floors plus a modular
    building and I only have 5 minutes between classes- no cart here! - I often
    have to set things up in my hall space. The supplies in question were
    property of the art dept. Because this school is so much larger than my
    others, with higher class sizes, I often borrow supplies from the other
    schools that I teach at. Such was the case here.

    The town allows for a specific dollar amt. to be spent on each student,
    however the principal at this school cut my budget to pay for classroom
    teachers' art supplies... something I plan to propose changing this year. I
    am only a 2nd year teacher and learning quickly to speak up! Sorry for
    venting without providing the facts. I simply can't get over someone taking
    student supplies just because they are out in the open! Too trusting I
    By the way she admitted that she was taking them home for her own use but
    without apology. It wasn't until after I explained that they were needed for
    the students that she was "sorry". It would have been much different if it
    were for classroom use that benefits the students. Still, I do like to know
    when someone is borrowing or taking supplies. I know that it happens often
    without so much as a note. This makes it difficult for me to keep track of
    my stock. We had another incident where the oaktag disappeared this year-
    all of it!!!!


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