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guns and violence

From: Batmom44
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 04:50:51 PDT

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    I was just sitting here thinking about the recent shooting and an incident in
    our own school district on the same day and all the other incidents around
    this country over the past few years. It caused me to reflect upon my own
    youth which is now well into the past. Late fifties and early sixties. Guns
    were more readily available then than now and violence was less. I think that
    guns are not the only component in the equation.
    I have had a gun held on me. I have been beaten. I know what it feels like to
    think that my life is going to end right there, right then. There was a law
    against both. But it did not stop the injuries or the pain. It did not come
    between me and the muzzle of that gun. In fact, the perpetrator (see how
    readily we use that word now) has never spent the first day in jail for any
    of it. He has never been charged with a crime. We were married. So, you see,
    the law did not apply in that situation. Domestic violence was a low priority
    then. I was lucky to get a divorce on the grounds of physical cruelty. I had
    to prove that I feared for my life! His lawyer even suggested that I had
    provoked my former husband's actions. You know, in the same sense that a
    person provokes being raped. And as far as the law goes. There was a law in
    place and it may still be in place that allowed a husband to beat his wife
    under certain conditions. So much for laws.

    We can have all the laws and controls imaginable. They are not there when the
    crime is being committed. The laws only clean up after the fact. We don't
    need a society merely afraid of the consequences of its behavior. We need a
    society that has modified its behavior so that the number of laws required is
    lower. We need a society that understands that certain behavior is not right.
    We need a society that will not commit certain acts because they are not
    right. We must look in our own homes, backyards, neighborhoods, communities,
    cities, states. It starts with us.

    I don't want to wear a bullet proof vest to my job. I worked to hard to be
    allowed to wear shoes that didn't hurt my feet. :-))



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