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Re: another shooting

From: Felsecker (felsecker)
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 19:35:52 PDT

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    Yesterday, at the end of sixth hour, our h.s. students were instructed to
    leave the building by the front entrance because of an incident at a nearby
    apartment complex. Traffic from the back parking lot was rerouted to the
    front. A nearby elementary school, which dismisses about a half hour after
    the h.s., sent its students to our school in order for the children to be
    picked up by those buses and parents. The saddest thing about the whole
    incident was that it involved a student I had had in one of my art classes
    last year who was shot and killed in her apartment by her boyfriend while
    her little two year old son (son of this girl and her boyfriend) watched.
    Minutes later, the boyfriend shot himself and later died at a hospital. This
    was a beautiful, vibrant, young 20-year old woman who loved her son and was
    trying to turn her life around. My heart aches for her family.
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    > << We have to remember that making more laws on guns is not going to stop
    > criminals from having guns. It is only going to make LAW ABIDING
    > CITIZENS not have any guns to protect themselves from the criminals.
    > BTW, did everyone hear about how Rosie "Million Mom March" O'Donnell has
    > petitioned that her bodyguards be allowed to be armed, so that her
    > children are adequately protected? What about MY children, Rosie?
    > Don't they deserve to be protected, too?
    > >>
    > Why don't you look around at other countries where there are gun laws?
    > you claim is not true. Gun deaths reach astronomical figures only in this
    > country.
    > Its sickening. I read your words and wonder what you are thinking...what
    > of life is it when we live in fear of our neighbors?
    > Insanity.
    > Artie
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