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re:another shooting/rosie response (Long)

From: John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 10:06:40 PDT

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    terily wrote:
    > BTW, did everyone hear about how Rosie "Million Mom March" O'Donnell has
    > petitioned that her bodyguards be allowed to be armed, so that her
    > children are adequately protected? What about MY children, Rosie?
    > Don't they deserve to be protected, too?
    Teri, I don't condemn you for your views but this is actually what
    happened and her quote, from an online newsletter I get. It is
    another example of what kimberly was saying about being misquoted
    and them publishing what they want anyway.I just thought the other
    side should be presented. It's rather long but if interested please
    read. I don't think threatening someone's children with death is
    right also.

    ^*^*^*^* Message from Rosie ^*^*^*^*

    I am proud to be a gun control advocate. Our mission is NOT to
    prevent law
    abiding citizens, parents included, from owning a licensed and
    gun, a gun with child safety features. We are not trying to take
    away your
    gun, or Charlton Heston's gun, or any other law-abiding citizen's
    gun. We
    are trying to make guns safer and to keep them out of the hands of
    criminals and children. We are trying to regulate a special
    interest group
    that has had undue influence on the House and Senate. Firearms are
    only products sold in the US that are not required to meet Consumer
    Safety Commission standards.
    I do not own a gun. I never have. I never will. Due to my vocal
    support of
    gun control, my family and I have been threatened. Last year, acting
    on the
    advice of a security firm, I chose to have a "bodyguard" for my
    At my request, he is not armed, although his presence may indicate
    to some
    that he is. A local newspaper (Greenwich Times) decided to print a
    that this man was armed, we told them this was untrue, they printed
    anyway, along with the school my son was planning to attend. They
    the specific name of his school, but it was more than simple to
    This unarmed bodyguard sat outside my son's pre-k classroom
    yesterday, as
    he has for the last 6 months. The Greenwich police department
    him, on private property, and demanded to search him and his car,
    without a
    search warrant, looking for a gun. There was no gun.
    This search was politically motivated and totally unwarranted.

    As a result of these recent events, his working without a weapon has
    an issue, in regard to my children's safety. I have not yet decided
    plan of action to take. I will be meeting with security people in
    order to
    find a solution.

    This "bodyguard" is not employed by me. He works for a security
    Warner Bros hired the firm in order to protect me, their client.

    Rosie O'Donnell



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