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Lesson Plans

RE Roberta & Classroom organization

From: Jean Hess (jeannieinpa)
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 08:11:43 PDT

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    > How many kids did you store art for and how big was
    > the drawing cabinet. I am
    > constantly marked down because of my l0 lbs. of art
    > in a 1 lb. art room...I will never get to the
    > last column of my
    > evaluation
    > because of my hummocks and clutter. Even
    though........ Roberta.

    Roberta, I got a great observation this year, but as I
    expected, there was the post script about the clutter.
     I was a tad upset at first. I decided to stay late
    that night and do something about it. I spent 4 extra
    hours. My intention was to clean up, but there were
    more important things to do (prep for the art show and
    upcoming projects, all stuff that would truly impact
    the kids). The following night I spent 4 hours at my
    other school. This room is smaller and even messier
    with the addition of boxes of mosaic tiles for my
    mosaic project on the stair risers. Once again, I
    accomplished lots, but not clean up. I realized that
    having a clutter-free space was just not my priority.

    I asked the principal for a meeting regarding the
    observation. I thanked her for the excellent marks
    and for understanding what I am doing. And I said I
    had nothing bad to talk about. I told her the story
    of my 2 nights at school.

    She replied that she HAD to say something about it
    bcause of HER bosses. Together we devised a plan for
    coping with it -- I'll have 2 fourth grade students at
    the end of every day. This will be a job assigned by
    their homeroom on the rotating jobs chart. One
    different kid each week, the job to be held for 2
    weeks, the job to be taught by the one who was there
    for a week. Everybody's happy now.

    Ofcourse, she is in favor of the arts.

    Isn't it funny how important those observation scores
    are to us? I am my own worst critic, but dang, I hate
    thinking anyone else is critical of me. I try very,
    very hard to bring a quality program to the kids.
    Really, that should be all that matters.

    Jeannie in PA

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