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Re: sketchbook motivation

From: Larry Seiler (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 04:19:38 PDT

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    Sketching for me as an artist/art teacher is a life blood. For me, the
    highest motivation for passing that value onto the kids...was for them to
    see me putting it into practice as though it were as I said, "important"

    I carry a sketchbook into my faculty meetings, our training sessions, on
    bus/field trips, to school athletic events, etc; The kids see me example
    sketching, and so do the teachers. In class, students want to see what new
    things I've done. ANY kid at all that admires you or loves art...will want
    to emulate you. My fellow staff members have just got used to the idea that
    as an art teacher....this is what I do. In fact, they love it because I
    include from time to time caricatures of them. I want to get art as a
    passion, an activity, a necessity OUT of the classroom where others can see
    it, instead of conveniently hidden in my room. (It psychologically creates
    a cause for others to support your art room needs, btw, when they see you so

    The first time they hand in their sketchbooks....I spend a great deal of
    time with each one writting notes and doing example sketches. I bring 'em
    home...and this year, a number of kids got sketches of Clint Eastwood taking
    on a number of bad guys in a western I was watching. For me....I explain a
    sketch is NOT a drawing. I teach it as a combination of what something is
    "doing" (gesture), what something "looks" like, (mimetic or contour), and
    done as though that object were a song bird sitting on a feeder that could
    take to flight any second (very fast).

    At any rate...I've included this url here before, I'll do it again for those
    interested. A lesson on sketching I gave for an online art webzine-

    Larry Seiler
    Landscape Paintings-
    Professional Plein Air Painters-


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