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Re: nyc advice

From: Holly112
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 21:43:53 PDT

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    In a message dated 05/26/2000 5:15:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
    tcsfp writes:

    << i am excited and occasionally terrified when
     i think of next year however, because i resigned and am leaving the
     middle-of-nowhere in ohio for the middle-of-everything in NYC!!! >>

    Dear Paulette,

    Did you secure a position in NYC yet?

    I too, am leaving a safe suburban (Catholic) school in the middle of long
    island for scary NYC. (All the art teachers I know think I'm crazy, but the
    teachers who know me where I am now think I'll be ok.) I got my job through
    a job fair. THere is a kind of revival of the arts that's been happening in
    NYC in the past 3 years called Project Arts. The District (29) that hired me
    also has funding from the Annenberg Foundation of the Arts. THey want to
    bring up the city schools. I'm hoping its not as bad as people
    think.......I've been job hunting 2 yrs on Long Island with no luck. Right
    now there are too many applicants for too few Art jobs. Private schools
    that pay no money are eager to hire, as well as the worst NYC districts. So
    I'm kind of happy to have gotten this position. I'll have lots of storage, a
    sink, an AC! and they told me to order supplies. We'll see what I get!

     Another post said something about being a cluster teacher in NYC
    schools--that is something that only exists in K-5 or 6 schools. The way I
    understand it, if you are a cluster teacher and someone who's tired of
    teaching 5th grade has more seniority than you wants to teach Art, they can
    bump you, because there is no elementary Art license there, only common
    branch. So its good you have the Fine Arts 7-12 license! On the other hand,
    the older kids are way different than you could ever expect!!! (I live here
    in NY, and its scary to me too!)

    I got my job in nyc because I have "experience", I heard the district Arts
    person say that to someone during my own interview. If I can be of any help,
    I'll try to give you assistance, but I haven't started there myself, so my
    knowledge might be a little sketchy.

    Holly :0)


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