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Re: No Windows

From: Paulette Keck (tcsfp)
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 13:07:40 PDT

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    > Guess I should be grateful that I have a wonderful large sink that

    yes, you should be. i have a great art room, but the plumbing is old and the
    sinks have NO traps. at the end of first semester, my sinks completely
    clogged (and i am extra careful that nothing goes in that shouldn't) for the
    first time in 3 years (a miracle). the custodial staff ran sulfur through (a
    hit with the rest of the school, as you can imagine) and snaked it, and ran
    more sulfur through and eventually broke the pipes. so my principal (i am
    so jealous of those of you who have good ones) called me in and accused me
    of destroying the pipes. he had a bowl from my room full of sludge from the
    drain, and wanted to know "what is THAT?!" i thought he was going to rub my
    nose in it and hit me with a rolled up newspaper. he refused to have the
    sinks fixed until summer and told me, "well, the students will just have to
    wash their hands without water. they can use paper towels."
    i have a half sink on another wall where only the cold can turn on because
    the "hot" handle hits the wall, so i've had to scale down on a lot of
    projects. not as much painting and no printing. considering no repairs have
    ever been made to my room over the summer, i'll believe it when i see it.
    not that i have to, since i'm leaving (yay!)

    sorry, i just really had to tell that story. what a moron.
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