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RE: Award winning web sites

From: Peg Blechman (blechman@ACCESS-BOARD.GOV)
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 09:23:41 PDT

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    Blue Web'n Update lists the weekly additions to Blue Web'n,
    a searchable library of Blue-Ribbon Web sites categorized
    by grade level, content area, type, and Dewey number.
    Visit us online at
    to browse, search, and view archives.


    African Voices *****
    From the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History,
    this site explores Africa's past and the history of the land and people.
    Topics presented in themes are about various forms of the wealth,
    working and living in Africa; more themes will be added in the coming
    months. History looks at Mali, the slave trade, colonialism and more.
    The Learning Center contains an excellent hotlist of African resources.
    Some sections of the site use browser plug-ins to enhance your
    experience. We recommend using these free plug-ins with your browser:
    Macromedia Flash 4 or Apple Quicktime 4

    Grade Level: Middle School, High School, College, Adult/Professional
    Content Area: History & Social Science (Geography & Cultures/World
    History)[Dewey #900]
    Application Type: Resource, Hotlist
    Webmaster: dennis


    AOL@School ****
    Launched to the general public May 2000, AOL@School is targeted for
    teachers that want to integrate the Interent into their classroom; but
    don't have the time to find ways to do it. For teachers just starting
    out on the Internet, this is a fine website with resources for students,
    teachers and administrators. Built-in Internet search filters let
    nervous teachers feel a little safer. Some of the sources for lesson
    plans, for example, are ERIC and SCORE, two of the sites listed here on
    Blue Web'n. Teachers are also invited to create a website, or add to
    their school website with easy to use templates.

    Grade Level: Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, High School
    Content Area: Technology (Internet) [Dewey #600]
    Application Type: Hotlist, Lesson Plan
    Webmaster: AOLAtSchool

    ¸,øEUR ****
    Do Federal Government organizations have websites appropriate for kids?
    Yes, they do and now you can find them all in one place. Choose sites
    for either kids or teens, and explore some of the resources put together
    by various departments of the government. This is also an easy site for
    adults to use to get information from federal websites. The site was
    developed by 17 Federal agencies supported by Vice President Gore's
    National Partnership for Reinventing Government and the General Services

    Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School
    Content Area: History & Social Studies (Government) [Dewey #320]
    Application Type: Resource, Reference
    Webmaster: webmaster


    Press Freedom Survey 2000 ***
    How free is the press in countries around the world? Why should you
    care? Part of information literacy is to know the veracity of the source
    of information. If newspapers or other media you access on the web are
    controlled by their government, you should know that. Consult the map on
    the main page to get a quick view of free, partly free, and not free
    media countries. Access reports from the individual countries to get a
    more detailed picture. Freedomhouse is a non-profit, non-partisan
    organization that has compiled these reports since 1972.

    Grade Level: High School, College, Adult/Professional
    Content Area: English (Journalism) [Dewey #808]
    Application Type: Resource
    Webmaster: fh


    BirdWorld ***

    NASA has been recruited to help track endangered birds in their
    migratory treks. This site shows some of the tracking, as well as other
    projects involving endangered birds. Can you teach a not so old bird new
    tricks in migration? Check out the project report about Sandhill cranes
    learning to walk onto trucks.

    Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
    Content Area: Science (Environmental Studies/Life Science) [Dewey #570]
    Application Type: Resource
    Webmaster: margaret.williams

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