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RE: team teaching--creative writing/ making books--suggestions?

From: Sears, Ellen (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 02:51:46 PDT

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    I attended a session at the National Science Teachers Association conference
    that I really enjoyed... it was by the author of the book 'Private Eye'...
    You start with jeweler's loupes (can be ordered through the book) and start
    looking at things close-up, one benefit of using the loupe over a hand lens
    is that it is like a blinder and gets rid of competing background.

    It is a book for writing, science, math and art.

    I ordered twelve for our teacher study group and will be implementing some
    of the exercises in the fall....

    It is based on starting with the question 'what else' does it (the object)
    look like - similes to metaphors to analogies to other connections

    My fourth and fifth graders used the loupes to generate drawings for the
    APTA calendar...

    To share their writing -

    Looks like a snowflake,
    in a snowy blizzard.
    A giant tree
    towering above all other objects.
    The spines of a porcupine, scaring off all predators.
    A swirling tornado
    spinning and whirling through the night.

    Here's another:
    A half-blown wish drifting into the wind
    Whispy fairies waiting to be blown free from their solitary dungeon pores
    and float off to the sun

    'Four Pine Needles Split Into Parts'
    Fans to shade and cool an African King
    Foliage to conceal a stalking tiger
    A desolate pathway ascending into a wild jungle
    Palm trees swaying and bending in the afternoon breeze
    A doorway to an ancient and mysterious world.

    Of course you've got one or two "it looks like a rock because it is a

    Soooooo anyway - this book may help - it's not really a 'step by step' my
    way book - just a god resource... there are a couple of companion books
    coming out soon.

    Private Eye
    Looking/Thinking by Analogy

    Kerry Ruef
    The Private Eye Project
    7710 31st Ave NW
    Seattle WA 98117
    206 784 8813
    Seattle Washington

    0 9605434 - 1 - 4

    If anyone might be interested in using this next year - contact me and maybe
    we can set up a way to trade work - next year I will have K-5 - but would be
    happy to trade out of grade -


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