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Lesson Plans

to C from B......

From: Bunki Kramer (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 21:03:44 PDT

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    Los Cerros Middle School
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    Danville, CA 94526
    > Check out the new page I've added to my school web site...Ceil Lyden shared
    > this lesson with me.

    Hey....I REALLY like that new computer lesson. So NEAT! I tried to print it
    out but my printer seems to have a mind of it's own lately and won't work.
    Am going to keep trying. Will probably now have to go get the printer (the
    NEW printer by 5 months now) fixed. Damn.

    >It was just a test...won't use that one without adding to it and changing
    >it. Also, I CAN add color to the background...but it may take up too much
    >space on the CD...I'll check it out. Color in the background would make it
    >look better.

    I think so too. I felt that way also when I was doing the website. The white
    was just too sterile and the color adds so much excitement. I can't imagine
    it would take THAT much space on the CD. It doesn't on a webpage.

    >I found out that Sam's has CD-R's in a case...for $1.00 each. This will
    >make them look nice...

    That sounds super. I think...or I'm seriously thinking...of doing an OODLES
    OF ART II at CAEA. She's already told me I'd be accepted so it's up to me.
    I'm really PLANNING on YOU have alot of stuff for me to brag about. Will

    While I'm at it, the fingerpainting projects turned out BEAUTIFUL this time
    with a class I wouldn't have imagined. We took alot more time with 3 weeks...but WOW! Three kids are coming in every lunch time to
    finish up. Really got "into" it. I was bummed out the first time I tried
    it...thought I was just using too big a piece of paper for them...but I
    guess they weren't charged up enough and had less time to finish. Goes to
    show ya.

    >I'm ready to start working on this any time now, so when you can, start
    >sending me some photos to add...or let me know which ones off your web page
    >that you want to use. Also, label them as 1 or 2, so I'll know which CD
    >they will go on...Oodles of Ideas I or Oodles of Ideas II...or do we want to
    >label it Oodles of Ideas for Middle School and Oodles of Ideas for High

    IMHO, I think we should keep it with both in both CD's. That way we can sell
    BOTH to both audiences. What do you think? I probably won't be sending
    anything until after the mid. of June...when school ends. I've got to take
    more pictures of new stuff I'm doing too. Lots more pics. And I'll label
    everything like you want me to...1 or 2.

    >Yesterday was the last day for classes, but I took two students with me to
    >Raleigh to see the Rodin show. It was wonderful. I had a sub in my room
    >reviewing for the exam.

    How big were the sculptures you saw? Isn't his work fabulous? Took my breath
    away. So life-like.

    >hurting, so we took her to the orthopedic who found she has a fractured
    >pelvis. They medicine has stopped her hurting in her pelvis, but she can
    >hardly stand the pain in her right leg and they can't find anything wrong
    >with it.

    Oh, my gosh. Bet that made you upset...a fractured pelvis after an ER visit
    and they didn't notice it. Man...medicine is a racket. I get soooo upset
    with their mentality sometimes. Make you wait and wait for so little

    >> about telling me beforehand you
    >>are sending me an attachment. I'm getting a little more paranoid about
    >>attachments with all these viruses now.
    >I will...I always send one first and tell you to look out for the
    >attachments on a separate email...and you do the same.

    Yep, I know you do. Sorry. I'm just getting more and more paranoid. I get
    attachments from others and it bugs me they don't tell me first. I just
    delete them.

    BTW...sometimes when you send me stuff, it comes directly on the e-mail.
    Other times it comes separately as an attachment. When it comes directly on
    the e-mail, if it opens...does it mean I can get a virus from THAT one? Many
    people said you have to "open UP the attachment" to get it. What gives?

    Last Monday I was suppose to go on a technology observation of two schools
    for industrial technology, etc. When I went to emergency room with Mom on
    Sunday, we were putting her up on the gurney when a trama patient entered
    the nurse's station. They ran out of the room leaving me holding on to MOM
    in midair. My back went out but didn't notice too much until Sunday evening.
    By Monday morning I couldn't even roll over to get out of bed. Since I had a
    sub planned anyway for Monday (fortunately), I called in sick and spent all
    Mon. morning at the Dr.s getting two kinds of pain pills and x-rays. "Stay
    off your feet for two weeks". Yeah, right! Went back to school Tuesday and
    stayed on a high with my pain pills. Everybody remarked how nice I was for a
    couple of days. Hell...I didn't care if I was there or not! Great way to
    teach!!! Try it sometime.

    Ohhhhh. I hope you can make those CDs in colored background! Shoot. Maybe
    you could have had some of your students make CD cover art for them. I could
    try the same with mine but I bet your older kids could do better. Worth a

    You're off now, huh? I've still got....16?....days left. We're having
    assemblies up the ying-yang lately. About one a week. Tomorrow's the talent
    show and they're dropping first and doubling second period. Guess what I
    have second? Yeah. I've got 2nd period prep. Two whole hours of prep
    tomorrow. Yipee! this 6th grade rotation, I have two students...Jennifer Yang and
    Jeffery Ying. Ying and Yang!

    I'm off. No cracks. Toodles......


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