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Re: art exam

From: Felsecker (felsecker)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 21:44:46 PDT

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    Hi Everyone:
        Talking about art exams.....
        Has anyone seen the movie starring Kirk Douglas as Vincent van Gogh? I
    thought it might be something for my Painting I students to watch in
    addition to the test. I know it's an old movie, but I'm wondering if it is
    an honest representation of what van Gogh was really like???
        Thanks in advance!
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    > A while back there was a thread on art finals. Just thought I would share,
    > finally, in response. I usually have something that the students write
    > and something that they create. This year I was really behind in where I
    > wanted them to be. I usually structure second semester along chronological
    > historical periods and have related projects. Being very behind (not too
    > worried because I'll have most of these students again next year and can
    > up then) I decided to talk with them about surrealism a few days in
    > advance...slides, poetry, etc. We talked about the exquisite corpse drinks
    > wine and the works of Tristan Tsara (sp), Rimbaud and the chance meeting
    of an
    > umbrella and sewing machine on an operating table, etc. Their "creating"
    > of the final was to draw four random words from a box and use the two
    hours to
    > incorporate the content of the words into a painting, drawing, etc. (the
    > were cut from magazines, so they could actually use the physical words in
    > art if they wanted). It was great. Most of them really got into it, after
    > complaining about the words they were stuck with. These are ninth and
    > graders.
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