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Lesson Plans

Re: art show incident

From: Buerkle, Jennifer (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 15:08:49 PDT

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    I see that there are a lot of replies to this thread, and probably somebody
    thought of this...but could the older lady have had dementia?

    However, I have learned to cover my desk and some especially nifty areas with
    nice, clean bedsheets! One great thing is I don't have to clean off my desk
    before every evening event. In our school we have about five a year. Last
    semester, my husband had a real nightmare happen to him. He works at my school as
    the Internet teacher (it is a center for G/T kids) and was talking to some guy at
    his desk. Now, on his desk was a whole big (at least six inches high) pile of
    papers my husband was grading for his OTHER job, in his other life...he teaches at
    the local university. These were important research papers that had been handed
    in, and he was done with them and they were sitting on his desk, waiting to go
    into his briefcase. Some yo-yo put his open house evening brochure on top of them
    while he chatted with my H and then picked up the entire pile and left with them.
    We heard they were going out to eat, and chased them all over the place. Couldn't
    find them. Panic time. Hard to tell doctoral students you lost all their work.
    We finally got the kid's name, the parents' phone number and got in touch with
    them. It was incredibly frustrating.

    I have also learned that if I put out any information about the courses I teach,
    such as syllabus, goals, objectives, prior newsletters, that parents come along
    and just pick them up as if they were freebies at a convention or something.

    Jen in Tallahassee


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