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Re: glazes for elementary school

From: dj (djash)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 14:30:10 PDT

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    Larry Seiler wrote:
    wouldn't painting the sculptures with acrylics, and then covering with a gloss
    medium amount to about the same result? I'd like to understand more what the
    advantages of painting with the under glaze and covering with clear glaze are
    say versus acrylics. (reason being... acrylics I have).

    I use acrylics with my HS students a lot. Have been for years. (We do use glazes
    also when it fits the piece or if needed). However, if the piece is meant to be
    decorative, acrylic colors are easier to control to receive the desired effect.
    Under glazes can streak and over glazes can cloud up if not applied properly. I
    always have kids that just don't get the application process down. What you see
    is what you get with acrylics. You can mix, blend, shade colors, antique the
    surface and even add iridescent medium (kids love this) and get great effects
    without the guess work.... i.e.: what will it look like after it's fired? No
    need to guess with acrylics because they don't get fired. If the kids don't like
    the effect, they can change it, just like an acrylic painting. They seem happier
    having more control. Glazes can chip too, but I've really never had a problem
    with acrylics chipping. The clear coat can be applied shinny or matte in finish.
    One other plus, I don't have to re-fire... less time consuming. AND, like you, I
    have more of them also. Actually, when I do certain types of ceramic pieces, I
    too use acrylics and for the same reasons I listed above for the kids. Good


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