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RE: Dith Pran was in Killing Fields

From: Patricia Knott (pknott)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 13:25:00 PDT

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    I started the issue about Dith Pran being dead. Unfortunately, after I
    wrote the message my service went down and I couldn't do an immediate
    investigation. Thanks to Kimberly for finding what I have since discovered.
    My memory was of Dr. Haing S. Ngor's murder. AND, my memory was of how
    affected I felt as to hearing this - after all he had been through, to be
    murdered in this country; a seemingly senseless murder.
    Sydney Schanberg (the Sam Waterson character in the move) wrote a book
    called The Death and Life of Dith Pran. Maybe that is what made me think he
    was dead.

    In any case what is disturbing me now is, that I went to the History
    department today (oops sorry, we don't teach history anymore - it's Social
    Studies) to get some help with this and guess what? They didn't have a clue
    as to what I was talking about. "I'm talking about genocide!, Pol Pot
    (spelling?), man's inhumanity to man! - - they are all under 30 years old
    and know very little, it seems, about our recent history. Then they
    challenged ME to answer any question about art history they could come up
    with. I said go ahead, I know my art history.

    I'm venting because several things have happened recently with what I
    perceive as a lack of knowledge content on the part of younger teachers and
    what seems to be a consorted effort by my district to "attack" the older
    teachers for their methods and requirements in the classroom. What is
    happening? I teach photography and use lots of history with the photos I
    show. The kids don't know when the Civil War was. ???? Forget WWII. ??? I'm



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