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Lesson Plans

Re: art exam

From: brenda jones (oxydol)
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 19:18:01 PDT

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    A while back there was a thread on art finals. Just thought I would share,
    finally, in response. I usually have something that the students write about
    and something that they create. This year I was really behind in where I
    wanted them to be. I usually structure second semester along chronological art
    historical periods and have related projects. Being very behind (not too
    worried because I'll have most of these students again next year and can pick
    up then) I decided to talk with them about surrealism a few days in
    advance...slides, poetry, etc. We talked about the exquisite corpse drinks new
    wine and the works of Tristan Tsara (sp), Rimbaud and the chance meeting of an
    umbrella and sewing machine on an operating table, etc. Their "creating" part
    of the final was to draw four random words from a box and use the two hours to
    incorporate the content of the words into a painting, drawing, etc. (the words
    were cut from magazines, so they could actually use the physical words in the
    art if they wanted). It was great. Most of them really got into it, after
    complaining about the words they were stuck with. These are ninth and tenth


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