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Lesson Plans

Janices Job Interview

From: Janjarreau
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 17:11:26 PDT

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    Hello friends,
        I had my first job interview today. It went great! It was supposed to
    last 1 hour and it went 2 hours. They had 12 questions, but said they could
    add more depending on my answers. They had 4 people on the panel. Two were
    art teachers, one was an English teacher and the director was drama. I
    answered each one in detail and I think they liked my answers. I feel good
    about it. They LOVED my art work and I also brought in some student work. I
    brought in the hand painted torn paper collages (some of them) and I brought
    in my samples of the wire and pantyhose. They liked all of it. Nobody
    guessed it was pantyhose.
        The only negative thing is that I don't know ceramics and the man
    teaching ceramics wants to do more painting. However, I think he liked me
    because when we went on the tour he told me not to worry about it because he
    can do the part I can't.
        It is rare they have an opening in this school because it is so
    desirable, and they have been taking resumes, but selected a few teachers for
    the short list to be interviewed, which is what I found out I was a part of
          It is a magnet school (APAC) and the students have to be excepted to
    get in. They must have a good portfolio and maintain a B average. The
    average class size is 15, except for an art appreciation type class they do
    for kids that are not the regulars. I would be teaching grades 4-12 and they
    would be separated out into 3 groups. (3 classes per day) The classes run
    not quite 2 hours each except the art app. one is less than 1 hour with big
    breaks in between. My day would end at 3:20.
        I think I may have been the first one they interviewed, She said they
    will let me know real soon, because she realizes now is the time people are
    making plans.
        Thank you all so much for the support and thank you to those who wrote to
    the director with a recommendation. She got them and I think was impressed
    with our support group. I will reflect on the interview while it is still
    fresh in my mind and try to write back the questions they asked. I will
    let yall know as soon as I know the verdict. Love to all.


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