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Lesson Plans

Re: art prints & much advice requested

From: The Austin's (whest177)
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 15:24:25 PDT

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    Hi Betty! Lucky you to have all those cool supplies to start off with!

    > BUT- to my amazement, tho there are two huge bulletin boards, there is
    > one art print. Nothing. Not even Mona Lisa. And zero on the multicultural
    > stuff. They use the "Art Talk" books, and the teacher's kit has a file for
    > prints, but it's empty too. So, while I think I got a decent variety of
    > print sets (and maps & the "design-a-timeline")chosen from various
    > (including Crystal) last night, are there any that you would want me to be
    > sure and not miss?

    I would take a look at your curriculum and see if there are any artists that
    tie in with what you plan to teach. I use Lichtenstein, Picasso, Hopper,
    Winslow, Rousseau, Demuth, Magritte, Dali, Van Gogh, O'Keeffe, Homer, Degas,
    Monet, and Cassatt to be the ones that are starting to get abit dogeared
    from the constant use. I'm not saying these are the "ones to have", just
    that they all tie in so well with my curriculum.

    > And what about the art game "Token Response". I'm thinking of ordering it.
    > Any other great art games for a school that really hasn't had a program in
    > three years?

    I made my own tokens long before I knew this game existed. While it's a
    great activity, I don't use mine often enough to justify the cost (but then,
    my budget doesn't stretch that far either).

    > Oh! Oh! - and the "previous" (they brought the retired guy back at the
    > minute to teach this year because she quit the week before school without
    > having ordered any supplies) art teacher had bought several large jars of
    > glitter. Like all the rest of her supplies, they were never opened. Any
    > suggestions for non - all-over-the-room uses for LOTS of glitter?

    I LOVE glitter! I have learned that to stay in good with the rest of the
    teachers to save all glittering for nice days. We just grab our glue bottles
    and glitter and go outside. Sure we still have alot fall off, but it sure
    cuts down on alot of mess.

    Good Luck~ Michal


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