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art prints & much advice requested

From: Betty Bowen (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 10:08:45 PDT

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    I spent yesterday in my new art room (new job, my first, Middle School)
    going through supplies, seeing what's there. Pretty interesting. A whole
    case of unopened Crayola Wet Set clay with a use by date of Mar 2000, 45 lbs
    of unopened air dry clay, many unopened boxes of the following: Sanford
    pastels(I mean like 24 boxes), Yakura watercolors, black chalk, quarts of
    acrylic, stacks of unmounted lino, a whole box of like 50 satefy-cut blocks
    from SAX, bamboo brushes(!!!), and a stack of SAX plaster of paris up to my
    waist (probably 3 years old - is it still any good?). Sure there is a lot of
    stuff to re-stock, but most of youall could do a year or two on what's there
    right now.

    BUT- to my amazement, tho there are two huge bulletin boards, there is not
    one art print. Nothing. Not even Mona Lisa. And zero on the multicultural
    stuff. They use the "Art Talk" books, and the teacher's kit has a file for
    prints, but it's empty too. So, while I think I got a decent variety of
    print sets (and maps & the "design-a-timeline")chosen from various catalogs
    (including Crystal) last night, are there any that you would want me to be
    sure and not miss?

    Any tips on finding prints of really contemporary stuff? Like Whiteread &
    Goldsworthy, Basquiat, Scully and contemporary crafts?

    And what about the art game "Token Response". I'm thinking of ordering it.
    Any other great art games for a school that really hasn't had a program in
    three years?

    Oh! Oh! - and the "previous" (they brought the retired guy back at the last
    minute to teach this year because she quit the week before school without
    having ordered any supplies) art teacher had bought several large jars of
    glitter. Like all the rest of her supplies, they were never opened. Any
    suggestions for non - all-over-the-room uses for LOTS of glitter?

    Betty -beginning the New Adventure


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