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Remember my Easter Greeting?--It does Work!

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 17:11:23 PDT

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    We are having our wrap up meeting for our district wide show on Tuesday.
    There were many "minor" problems with the show that needed fixing. I was
    able to fix many of them using the Getty ArtEd Talk list principle, "Do unto
    other as you would have others do unto you". I solved many others just by
    sending floods of e-mail so I finally would get an answer (smile). I am
    having so much fun now. I know I will never get the other "seasoned" staff
    members to admit the error of their ways....I am going to share joining the
    list again to them so they can see themselves...and enjoy this caring and
    sharing. Our new staff member had absolutely no problems this year with the
    show and she is very appreciative of my efforts. I worked hard to please her
    and to welcome her. I see these two quotes that were posted the other day

    "If it's a good idea . . . go ahead and do it. It is much
    easier to apologize than it is to get permission."
    --Grace M. Hopper

    "There are no victims...Just volunteers" (I know this was on the list but I
    couldn't find who said it). Let those who think they are "walking all over
    you" know how much you enjoy the hard work...that really gets them....see? I
    am having fun.

    I just wanted to let you know how my Easter Greeting at school worked,
    too....with great success! Don't ever think you can not make a difference in
    the way we as staff members treat one another. I don't really care about the
    administrators...they are supposed to cause me grief (smile). I am a royal
    pain to mine....but I really think that is what he likes about me.

    If you are reading Gina...I will get to you soon....still trying to help
    others....just keep on smiling.

    Janice I know you are out would not believe how nice I was to
    one of our staff members when I got a nasty e-mail.....I actually won her
    over. were just a student teacher and you have more wisdom than
    many seasoned teahers. I have been at this (teaching) for many years and am
    still learning......and becoming stronger all the way.

    I am ending with more words of wisdom. Be careful who you complain to....and
    know who you can trust. It just takes time to know.

    Judy Decker


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