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Lesson Plans

dress code, role models, what me worry?

From: RB7Surf7
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 13:25:06 PDT

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    As an art teacher I always get into the materials and often my clothes get
    I feel however that as a teacher and a professional I should dress
    appropriately to set a good example as a role model. In business, people are
    generally more comfortable with clean well dressed people. Think of the
    people you buy cars, stereos, from. Think of the doctors and dentists your
    family visits.
    I believe an art teacher, professional artists, photographers etc. should
    operate their buisnesses the same way. The myth of the sloppy, happy go
    lucky, scattered brained artist is just a myth. All of the professional
    artists and photographes that I've assisted always maintained neat, organized
    uncluttered studio, working spaces and offices as well as personal
    appearance. A place for everything, and everything in its place.
    Jeans, sweatpants to me are not acceptable for a working environment anywhere.
    Electricians, car mechanics who get filthy, still wear a certain uniform.
    So, the dockers or slacks I wear cost $15 in K-mart or Marshalls, so what.
    I always wear a shirt and Tie.
    But during class time, i wear a smock that began as a lab jacket. After
    three years the lab coat has become multi colored and gives me the appearance
    of a real hands on arts teacher. But if I have to go to the main office or
    meet with a parent, I know I can remove my smock and I am dressed presentable
    and neat, although not expensive. And the kids love the variety of ties I
    wear, peanuts, batman, dolphins, holidays etc.


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