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Lesson Plans

reposted for Ann Heinman

From: Ted Beilby (tbeilby)
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 10:54:14 PDT

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    Thank you for letting me know my post didn't come through clear for you
    I think you are asking about the post I put in about what to do for an all
    day summer class.

    I had no idea it was not in a "normal" font. I have never changed the font
    on this email program. So I am wondering if all my posts look like the
    example you sent...
    I asked my husband as we share this computer and he belongs to several other
    list serves. He was surprised but we checked the font and it was in a
    different font than he expected. Now I am suspect of my daughter who always
    picks the most unusual fonts she can find but neither she or my son use this
    email program. No one living in this house admits to it. This is a mystery.
    Someone did it but I don't know who??

    Please let me know if you can read this easily


    >This message came with all these symbols--very hard to read. Please repost
    >in normal text. Thank you.

    > I would base everything with
    >art and th; etc etc etc

    I would base everything with art and then pull other disciplines in more.
    1. Pure art as expression - let them have some time and materials to tell
    you about themselves
    2. art and the environment - ecology and recycling! Maybe paper making and
    writing letters to family
    3. art as a contribution to the community - have them do some thing for
    others - look around and see what needs to be done, it could be for the
    elderly, a center, a room, a yard
    it could be cleanup or planting a flower garden
    4. Read aloud good literature, then have then respond with their reaction by
    writing, drawing, making their own books
    5. take walks if their is a place for it nearby or get a bus and get to a
    place where they can walk safely
    6. spend more time studying a culture, you might have a tea ceremony, make
    costume...have a special lunchtime fun, picnic, let kids design a pizza
       I did a summer class all on Italy one year - so much fun, we made little
    mosaics, made clay vessels, and the most fun was making pasta noodles from
    scratch on the tables. Every two students worked together making pasta with
    my step by step instructions. One, wash the table real good, two make a bowl
    of flour on the table....and finally cleaning the table and setting down to
    eat what they had made. While the pasta rested we watched one of my favorite
    Italian chefs on a video, who sang to us in Italian, I boiled the pasta
    Everyday I put a new Italian word to use

    In all the assignments, Have fun!! Make it something you want to do



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