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Re: "courses" to learn about teaching art.....

From: Bunki Kramer (
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 09:50:57 PDT

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    from: Bunki Kramer (
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    >From: Tom Johnsen <koordt>

    >The NAEA is too costly for me because I'm also buying materials. What's
    > the state's art teacher organization and how can I contact it?

    (I'm making this an open letter because I think there might be others in
    the same boat.)

    Hi Tom....I can appreciate the $$$ problem. Alot of people on the list have
    the same problem. I'm guessing you don't have ANY financial support at your
    school since you're buying supplies.

    Since I don't know what state you are in...and even if I did....I wouldn't
    know off the bat who to contact...but if it were me, I'd get back to those
    few art teachers you visited and ask about your local state art association.
    Surely they would know. They'd BETTER!

    I'd also like to make another "course" suggestion. Find out your local arts
    council's (your immediate local state art association's group) location and
    start attending their meetings which are open generally. Get involved and
    volunteer. I had no mentors and I felt like a loner but I kept my eyes and
    ears open. Here in California I found a group of art teachers who use to
    meet once every two months by asking around. BTW none of them were in my
    school district because no one seemed to care so I just broadened my
    horizions to other districts. I joined this group who eventually became an
    official Northern Division of CAEA (Ca. Art Education Assoc.) Here I met
    counterparts with the same passion as myself and got valuable information
    plus made numerous contacts for opportunities with the art "movers and
    shakers" of the state. I got involved with the state conventions on the
    planning stages and now I'm included in what's happening in the northern
    area of CA. We have members who teach HS, MS, Elem., private/public,
    part-time, full time, so there's a place for anyone who has the desire. The
    ball is actually in your court right now and all it will take is a little
    initiative on your part to make a couple of phone calls.

    These "contacts" will also help you find the perfect full-time job in a
    school that will welcome you with financial support for that NAEA trip
    you'll need to take. These free mentors will take you under their collective
    wing and support your needs. In hindsight, I only wish I had joined an arts
    council earlier in my teaching career when I was younger and desperately
    needed help and direction. It's invaluable....just like this list.


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