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foreign travel

From: Batmom44
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 06:26:13 PDT

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    I have traveled to Europe with students on tours and as guests in homes of
    local people. I usually keep their passports myself. When we are staying in
    homes, I leave the passports there. When we are on a tour I keep the
    passports with me at all times. They manage their own money and usually do
    well. Everything is explained before they leave the states. Oh and a special
    note: check for passports standing in your own home airport or wherever
    relevant. They will forget to bring them. I knew a teacher once who was on a
    trip to the Soviet Union and discovered on the plane to NYC that she had a
    student with her who did not have his passport. Not good. A teacher had to
    stay behind in NY with the student while the passport was fedexed. Also warn
    them about the gypsies. American teens are so bighearted. They want to give
    money to the poor little beggar boy with the Coke cup. It is hard for them to
    understand that they must not do that because the gypsies are not interested
    in the few coins that they collect in the cups. But they are interested in
    where you get your money from to give some to the beggar who drives or rides
    home in a Mercedes by the way. So far we have not had anyone become the
    victim of a pickpocket. I personally keep the bulk of my money and my credit
    card in my bra. :-)) My travel friend laughs but I am not encumbered by a
    purse strapped around my neck. When I have passports with me I carry a
    lightweight backpack. But my money stays in my bra. I don't carry much of
    anything else. If I purchase something it goes in my backpack or I have it
    shipped. I want to ditto the importance of learning some very pertinent
    phrases. Very important. Do not teach them "go to hell" in any of the
    languages, you will need that one for yourself. My students would have been
    appalled at what I said to a young gypsy boy under the Eiffel tower to get
    him to finally go away and leave them alone. LOL And it is crucial that they
    stay together. If you have one who is a loner, you have a problem. They will
    do really foolish things because they just naturally don't hang with the
    others. I always tell mine that if they present a serious problem they will
    be on the first plane to the states COD. The tour companies have some strict
    rules too. And they WILL enforce them and they WILL put students on a plane
    home. A Word of encouragement: when you get them in a foreign country and you
    are holding their passport, even the worst is intimidated. Plus I don't take
    chronic trouble makers. So far my trips to Europe have been so pleasant that
    I plan to retire to the Bordeaux region of France for a portion of each year.
    Bon Voyage


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