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RE: art show incident

From: Lawrence A. Parker (occti)
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 07:19:52 PDT

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    > Another woman who may have been her daughter (about 40 years
    > old) said, "She thought she could have them." I said, "Well ...
    > they're mine but o.k. you can keep them".

    I just finished a two-day trainers/facilitators workshop on Ethical Fitness
    for the Institute for Global Ethics, and I simply cannot help but comment on

    I really feel that I would have at least liked to ask the follow up
    question, "And why did she (you) think that?" Certainly, a point which
    could have been brought out is that the stickers were obviously and
    specifically on someone's (a teacher's) desk. Does that fact in some way
    make them common property? Your concerns below, Sky, seem to indicate that
    you do not agree with this.

    > I just walked away because it was really awkward.

    I'm sure it was. But I wonder about the "wisdom" of 'letting' the woman get
    away with it. Haven't we informed her that theft is alright, and that we
    would rather absolve her of responsibility than make her or ourselves
    uncomfortable by holding her responsible? What about the student who
    initially noticed this and may be fully aware of how it was handled? What
    message does this send to her or him?

    This may seem a trivial event and trivial concerns, but Ethical Reasoning is
    certainly something which is lacking both in the formal educational field as
    well as, and of course more importantly, at the family and social level.



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