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Lesson Plans

More Italy stuff

From: Michelle Peck Williams (mpwill)
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 20:06:41 PDT

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    Just where are you supposed to leave you passport when you "aren't carrying
    it with you?" I, for one, am NOT leaving my passport with ANYONE who
    isn't a blood relative.

    I also agree that the kids should keep up with their own money. I didn't allow
    anyone to bring more than about $20 cash with them, and we cashed
    traveller's checks as we went. ATMs are everywhere, too, and that works
    really well and you get a good rate. If they aren't responsible enough to keep
    up with their own money, they aren't responsible enough to go to Europe.

    Do stress to the students that they should dress appropriately. I banned
    spaghetti straps, and seriously considered banning shorts. I did let them bring
    one or two pairs, for Pompeii (it is HOT), but otherwise better safe than sorry.

    It is OK to scare them a little. Our principal told my kids about when he got
    his passport stolen and about someone he knew who had his FRONT BLUE
    JEAN pocket picked and didn't even know it. That scared them at first, but it
    made them careful when we got there.

    Overall, I think you should make a plan for anything and everything that can
    possibly go wrong. Then make a back-up plan just in case that one doesn't
    work. DO make them listen to the stewardess on the safety measures and DO
    make them know where the exits to the hotel are and DO make them
    memorize some phrases in the language (including the equivalent of "Get the
    #%& away from me!" just in case) and the name of the hotel where they are
    staying. Show them how to use the payphones when you get there and make
    them memorize the tour company's emergency number (or an emergency
    person at home). It will be worth it if something goes wrong.

    Also, tell them that an American passport is worth $5000 on the Italian black
    market. This is absolutely the most valuable thing they carry.
    I'm sure I will think of other things.

    Oh yeah, and if you are really anal they will laugh and let you go through
    customs faster. I actually alphabetized the passports and the kids and the US
    customs officer thought that was hilarious--but he didn't make anybody open
    their luggage. :)

    One more thing, make a rule about alcoholic beverages before you go. I just
    said "NO." I DID let them buy bottles of wine as gifts, but they had to have it
    (SEALED) when we got home to the airport in Cincinnati. I didn't tell them
    what I'd do if they didn't have it then, but they all came through so it didn't
    matter. Sometimes it's better if they don't know.

    Michelle Peck Williams :)
    World History & Humanities Teacher
    East Jessamine High School, Nicholasville, KY USA

    "To know what you know and know what you do not know is the character of one who knows." --Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius)


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