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Lesson Plans

Re: Lesson Plans

From: Artemis420
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 23:06:36 PDT

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    Subj: Re: Lesson Plan template
    Date: 5/19/00 2:06:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time
    From: Artemis420
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                 This is my basic template Artie
     Art lesson Plan.
     Title: Picasso and change
    Directed lesson.
    (Line, Shape, and Color Unit)
    Visual perception and focus:
    Prints of “Hands with Flowers: (La Petite Fleurs”, “The Tragedy”, “Child
    with Dove,” “The Artists Son,” “Mother and Child,” “The Atelier,” Cubist
    prints--(to show the range of Picasso’s art.)
     Short life story of artist.
    (Art Standards: BCSD ‘Standards for Excellence,’ K-2.
    Creative Expression. Select and use color, line, shape.)

    Students will create a painting in the style of Picasso in 1956.
    Students will recognize warm and cool colors,
     straight and curved lines, organic shapes.
    Students will consider the reason for Picasso’s childlike art.
    Scan the prints for shape, line, color.
    Discuss and remember the shapes from previous lessons.
    Discuss life of Artist
    Pass out white background paper. Place paper in ‘portrait position’
    (vertical). Name and ID at lower right. Locate center and mark with a light
    dot. Note the upper and lower halves.
    Look at the drawing of hands in the print “Le Petite Fleurs.” Draw two
    hands by tracing own hands
     Each student trace around own hand by:
    a. Turning paper to horizontal position and laying arm and hand on paper
    under the center dot and in lower half, and trace around it.
    b. Turning paper upside down (still horizontal), laying hand and arm just
    below other hand in still in lower half and over name, trace around hand and
    arm. Turn paper back to vertical. Retrace lines with black crayon to produce
    a thick line.
    Warm colors: With red and yellow paint, paint 2 freeform circles in upper
    half of paper. Mix a little red and yellow to make orange, paint an orange
    circle. Add petals around flowers in radiating lines.
    Cool colors: With blue and red paint, mix violet and magenta, notice that
    magenta needs extra red.
    Paint a violet circle, add magenta petals. Add violet petals to red circle.
    With light and dark green, add vertical lines from flowers to hands and down
    through the hands. Add some green lines curving out of the top.
    Sign and date in black crayon like the signature on the print.

    Do the hands appear to be holding the flowers? Did you use warm and cool
    Should adult artists try to paint like children? Why do you think Picasso did?

    Artistic Heritage: (culture, style ,artist, content , context, title, dates
    Pablo Ruiz Picasso. 1881--1973. Spain, France. Cubism, abstract...all
    Premier western artist of 20th century.



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