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Re: Rainsticks

From: dj (djash)
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 18:18:22 PDT

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    > >>I'm interested in possibly making rainsticks with my students. Any hints or
    > suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    > Nina<<

    I did rain sticks with my kids last year. We used those thick packing tubes....
    like the ones our census posters came in :-) or the inside roll of industrial
    clear wrap that the cafe. uses. If the tubes were exceptionally long, the
    woodshop cut them for us. We took nails... Size: a thicker nail that must be
    long enough that when hammered into the tube, the nails just about touch the
    other side. Starting at the top, hammer in a close spiral effect going all the
    way down to the bottom. Takes a lot of nails. My kids brought in some to help.
    Once nails are set seal the top. Don't seal the bottom until you test your
    sound. If the things you use to make the "rain" fall too fast ... add more
    nails inbetween the spirals. When you like the sound and have enough 'stuff' in
    the sick, seal the bottom. We cut pieces of cardboard the same size as the top
    and bottom openings and attached each piece over the opening with tape and then
    a narrow few, neatly place strips of paris craft. We filled the sticks with all
    kinds of different stuff and got some really great sounds. Some suggestions:
    seeds, beans, split peas, fish tank gravel, rice, and pennies. The kids
    experimented with the above to get the tones they liked. We then painted them
    and decorated them. Some of the kids did symbolism, others did various brush and
    paint techniques i.e.: splattering, dripping, blending etc. We covered where the
    top and bottom openings were sealed by attaching leather strips or colored
    yarns. It hid the seam and made the rain stick aesthetically more appealing.
    The kids braided leather or yarn, added shells, feathers or beads (even small
    tribal looking bells) hanging from leather or yarn strips to accent the rain
    sticks. Some even made over the shoulder straps to carry them. The sticks turned
    out GREAT and the kids loved them. They looked good and sounded good too! Hope
    this helps you some. Have fun!!

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