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Lesson Plans

Re: HS art exams

From: Felsecker (felsecker)
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 18:57:38 PDT

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    Hi Heidi:
        You've had some great projects with your classes! Any chance of us
    seeing some visuals of the results?
    Barb F.
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    From: Heidi McElroy <hmcelroy>
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    Subject: Re: HS art exams

    > Carloyn,
    > My exams are fairly comprehensive. I first do a study guide of what
    > we covered during the semester. From this I make my exam. I try to include
    > all types of questions ...multiple choice..picking the best or the worst
    > answer, matching , filling in from a list , plain old questions, problem
    > solving questions, putting things in sequence questions and a few personal
    > opinion questions. I avoid essays. ( takes too long to grade). 25 % of my
    > exams are studio. One class is doing a book of all their work; another is
    > making a sturdy personalized (constructed and decorated or purchased and
    > decorated)portfolio to use next year with 9 of their best pieces from hs
    > art mounted and one matted. The advanced classes are creating a shoe as a
    > work of art that they are turning into a planter complete with an herb.
    > Last year my advanced class created a clock that was a work of art in the
    > style of an artist. Previously we have made suitcases that are works of
    > based on a Humanities suitcase from an old School Arts magazine. One year
    > we made a work of art out of a new book that was changed in form. In the
    > past I have given them a bag of matboard scraps and had them make a
    > sculpture. Most projects are given several weeks ahead of the 2 hour exam
    > but are due exam day. The students who wait until the exam to do it nearly
    > always do a poor job. I give class time the last few weeks to work and it
    > can be done for homework. Nearly everyone loves the final project. (oh
    > it counts a major grade on the final 6 weeks). Hope this gives you some
    > ideas. Heidi
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