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RE: Italy

Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 16:37:06 PDT

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    > stuff safe from the pickpockets? I was going to use a "fanny pack" but was
    > told you'd be spotted a mile away as an easy target with one of those. The
    > "money belt" seems like it would be uncomfortable underneath your clothing.
    > ANy comments???

    after extensive travel in many places... fanny packs are NOT the way to
    go. they sell these little purse/sack looking things at most travel
    places. the "eagle" brand is good. ive seen them at EMS and bought mine at
    eddie bauer. most have a belt loop holder in case you dont want to carry
    it across your chest (the best way as for it not to fall off one
    shoulder). i found that the soft-inside-your-shirt ones that they sell
    just made my money soggy after treking around in the summertime because it
    makes you sweat like crazy being next to your skin. also not terribly

    be careful because anything with a strap on it can be cut and fall to the
    ground if its on the outside of your clothes (i.e. purses, camera bags).
    also are easy targets for being ripped right from you by an italian on a
    motorini flying past. always wear bags facing the side of you that it NOT
    facing the road.

    art people are good targets because theyre often so caught up in gawking
    at the wonderful work (and it IS stunning) that they dont notice someone
    hawking their bags. be aware, but not paranoid.

    > > groups of 5 or more if alone. Gypsies can be a problem. I've seen many
    > > people robbed in broad daylight. No weapons, but they have a lot of nerve
    > > when it comes to pickpocketing or taking purses and cameras right off your
    > > body. Keep hold and defend yourself. I had to actually kick a person to

    so very true unfortunately. best thing ive found to help this is to learn
    some "key" phrases in the language of whereever you are. like "help" and
    "go away". somehow they seem suprised when you start yelling at them in
    native tongue, and it also draws attention to you, so others can help if
    theres a problem. just use common sense and you shouldnt have to deal with
    any problems.

    when taking a school group, i would suggest doling the money out to the
    kids (each kid has their own envelope, stashed with the chaperone) in
    smallish chunks so that if they get ripped off (or loose it... which
    inevitably will happen to some kid) they'll have more and still be able to
    have fun. it puts more responsibility on you as the chaperone, but safer
    than kids carrying around 100$ or sums they dont need to have on their

    the other suggestion i would make is to be wary of what kind of camera
    you're bringing. theives love cameras and can spot a nice one (and take
    it) in a second. ive managed to take some wonderful pictures with just a
    point and shoot, and didnt have to deal with the weight of carrying around
    my big ol lenses and tripod etc. sometimes just buying the postcards
    available (which generally have better pictures on them than i could ever
    take anyway) is an easier route as well.

    good luck, have fun, absorb it all.



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