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RE: Italy

From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 15:34:52 PDT

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    I wore two when I was in Europe. One around my neck (under my shirt) for
    purchasing items with just $10 or so, and a second with my traveler's
    checks, and emergency medicine. The chaperones carried our passports (I was
    in high school). I wore loose clothing as I could (we had to wear Friday
    uniforms the whole trip). I wasn't too uncomfortable, and I recommend it for
    your safety tourist areas are targeted by thieves around the world. Keep the
    bulk down by cashing checks only as you need them, learn the currency and
    use the change (you can't change coins for other currency and most countries
    now have the equivalent of $1.00 coins so that adds up. My Dad used to use
    Looney's (Canadian $1.00 coins as ball markers in golf).
    Kimberly Herbert (kimberly)
    CAM Administrator
    San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts/Children's Art Museum

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    From: Felsecker [felsecker]
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    Hi There!
        I too am sorting through my "inbox" and have over 400 letters to read!!
    Our h.s. art show was today and continues tomorrow and as you all know,
    preparing for it takes ALOT of time!!! So, you know what I'll be doing this
        This summer I am taking a group of 11, plus me, on a ACIS tour of Italy
    (Rome, Assisi and Florence), Switzerland (Lucerne), France (Paris) and
    England (London). Have any of you used a "money belt" to keep passports and
    stuff safe from the pickpockets? I was going to use a "fanny pack" but was
    told you'd be spotted a mile away as an easy target with one of those. The
    "money belt" seems like it would be uncomfortable underneath your clothing.
    ANy comments???
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    From: Paulette Keck <tcsfp>
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    > I had set aside this message on the assumption that I would come back to
    > after getting through all the messages. But considering I've been at it
    > an hour and I still have 278... yes, count'em, 2-7-8 new messages left...
    > (and I was wondering how people could tell that they weren't getting their
    > messages... hahahaha) I better just answer it now.
    > I took a group of kids on an EFS trip from Rome to Paris. And they all
    > back alive. I went on the trip because I had spent a semester in Florence
    > and I know some Italian and French. The ribbon or tape on the luggage is a
    > GREAT idea. It really helped us.
    > We had only 15 kids, and they were quite a diverse crowd so we made sure
    > that at times they could split up so long as they had a set group
    > an adult) that they would stay with. Especially, make sure girls are in
    > groups of 5 or more if alone. Gypsies can be a problem. I've seen many
    > people robbed in broad daylight. No weapons, but they have a lot of nerve
    > when it comes to pickpocketing or taking purses and cameras right off your
    > body. Keep hold and defend yourself. I had to actually kick a person to
    > them away. I felt bad, but I kept my camera.
    > Are you going on a program trip or making it up yourselves? Either way, I
    > highly recommend the book, "Mona Winks" by Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw.
    > takes you step by step (literally) through all the highlights of the
    > European art museums. And its a fun explanation of the artworks! It also
    > a great narration for a walk through Renaissance Florence.
    > We toured Herculaneum as opposed to Pompeii because it was less crowded
    > just as well preserved. We also stopped at Assisi and got to go through
    > cathedral pre-earthquake. I don't know if there's much left now. Have a
    > wonderful time and have some gelato for me. (I am soooooo jealous.)
    > paulette
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