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Re: re: your artsednet post on oaxacan animals.......

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Wed, 31 Mar 1999 17:01:57 EST

I was asked to explain how I did the oxacan animals with my 4 th and 5th
grades. First we have art twice a week so that helps. We used different sizes
of paper rolls from wrapping paper, paper toilet roll and paper towel rolls.
We cut into one end of the toilet pape roll so we could over lap the 2 side to
make tails, or pointed toes, also to put one tube inside another. To attach
the legs we used masking tape at an angle , like an x. We also cut a line
down one end of the roll and then cut out to either side so it looked like a
"T" . This allowed you to have a tab on either side of the leg part to attach
it . The third thing we did for arms or legs was to cut straight accross and
over lap the 2 sides to make it thinner. For heads, we used larger rolls and
taped or bunched up newspaper and taped. Wings, etc. were either cardoard
taped or newspaper wrapped several times and cut out and taped. Then we paper
mache several layers. Another gal had her Moms come in and paint a layer of
white house paint on all of them. I tried paper towels but they are made so
poorly that they were not a good surface to paint. We used acrylics to paint
and some kids used paint pens for some details. If you are using temperas ,
you could use pollmer medium in the tempera. Of course I explained the
history, showed them where the area was on the map, explained about who does
which job in the family, and had 2 examples to show them. How long did it
take? About 3 and 1/2 weeks. Gail