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Nancy Walkup (walkup)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 11:09:08 -0600

About NAEA in Washington:

I, unfortunately, did not make it to the ArtsEdNet reception because
of a prior commitment, but I really enjoyed the conference. I usually
do not sign up for the paid workshops because there are so many to
choose from that are already included in your registration fee.

As NAEA members, I would recommend that all of you share your ideas by
submitting proposals for presentations at NAEA next year in Los
Angeles, March 31 - April 4. The deadline for proposals is July 31.

Regards from Texas,


>>> Sidnie Miller <> 03/30 12:13 PM >>>
I must agree that being in Wash. was fabulous but I wasn't pleased
with the paid workshops I attended. I would never be that unprepared
for my classes. Two jewelry workshops just said here's some
from a torn up computer---the other a bunch of random feathers, old
jewelry, model magic etc.-- see what you can make of it. I didn't
what to make of the computer one--it was a college instructor--he had
enough pliers etc. for about 5 people--and the cavalier attitude that
there was no need of instruction, safety precautions, lesson plans,
historical background etc. The other was, as near as I can tell, a
off of NAEA and all of us. Two teachers who were very nice and said
that they worked with no supplies on a cart (and we all know how bad
is) had piles of materials that we "could" use (ie expensive paint in
roll-top containers, raffia, etc.), but we were instructed to take
stiff paper, cut it into a shape, cover with tin foil, add some model
magic and stick on some pieces of sea shells---and then add anything
else you want--it would have been difficult to add anything of value
they walked away with a nice bunch of supplies for their classes. I
begrudge them getting some supplies, I do resent paying $20 for a pile
junk and no ideas or lessons. I do believe that NAEA will pay for
receipted supplies for the class.

Another way that presenters seem to have worked out to get something
a Celtic design class that gave nice music, great slides of Ireland
then a single design to copy and color in. Three people came in and
if they could join the class and the instructor took the money from
at the door and they got the design to copy also. Interesting.

I have often wondered why anyone would want to present at National.
our state organization we have a feeling of all of us working toward a

common good and taking turns sharing our ideas etc. We do not pay,
do give free conference fees and supplies. When you think going to
National-flying--taxies in a big city--and about hauling
handouts, supplies, slides, examples plus all your luggage--it's
There are some people who do it year after year and are
Ayer and McMillan's bookmaking workshops are unbelievably good and
everyone who goes is sooo excited!

I dont care if NAEA makes money--they have a giant to run and I feel
I get good benefit from it, but I want to know that there will be a
certain level of quality from things that I pay to attend.

BTW, was the Sargent show fabulous or what!!!

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