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fun at NAEA...long post

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Bunki Kramer (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 17:42:47 -0800 (PST)

I really enjoyed the NAEA trip this year. I've got to add that the MOST
enjoyable part of it for me was meeting so many of my listserv friends and
chatting about our list. EVERYONE looked so different than what I had
imagined and that was a kick! I really wish Getty could make some quality
nametags for us all next year. Thank you, Judy (Saxie), for doing it this
year, however they were a mite troublesome sticking to our clothes after
the first day...but you were an absolute dear to do it for us this past
week AND to keep a running list so we would know who was there.

About workshops....I have to agree with Sidnie that there were some
frustrations with some I attended. The computer jewelry was a bust for me
too. No instruction and very little equipment available for gluing (like
one tube of glue for well over 20-some people). He had also brought along
several of his college students for helpers but they wound up making their
own jewelry and using our materials. I was bummed that I had paid $20 for
HIS kids to use my supplies. I hope he doesn't present again ever (and he
told me he did 3 diff. presentations THIS year when I talked with him). The
level of his kids' work was also disappointing.

I was amazed at the lower quality of a FEW presenters' student works.
Surely they must be aware that the student work they showed was not up to
the level that most of us would have expected/imagined from OUR kids.

Things I really enjoyed...Kate Myers gave an excellent talk on baskets,
their history, usage, and a fabluous handout that will serve me well.

There were a number of diff. NATIONAL BOARD discussions dealing with diff.
issues throughout the week like applying for, dealing with "the box",
what's involved. I was starting to get a little excited about doing it
myself after hearing the talks. Lots of information given.

The "I Hate the Computer" talk turned out to be a graduate student's
dissertation. Yuck and bummer and a great disappointment.

Craig Roland (on our list) gave an excellent talk on higher education and
student teacher assessment. Thanks, Craig. Great seeing you again!

The 5-Day Approach to Acrylic Painting was fun...that is, when he FINALLY
got around to letting us paint. I liked his ideas and approach, though.

My favorite was the "Parade of Drawing Skills". Sooo simple and sooo
elegant. She gave us long strips of drawing paper, pencil, eraser. She
talked us through a "parade" of small drawings. The first...a quick drawing
of yourself from memory carrying a flag, second..."something" following you
(straight from imagination), third...she read us a description of an
imaginary animal (vocal to visual), fourth...we copy a picture of an
imaginary animal (visual to visual), etc.... Sorry, I can't remember too
much brain is still on DC time...and it's at school (duh, not my
brain). The lovely thing about this exercise is the "emotion" we must
notice while we're doing each step. How do we feel, which is our favorite
one, do we like to do one thing better than the other? Lots of thoughtful
insight into how kids feel when we ask them to draw something. I found I
liked to do imaginary drawing better than copying, which was a surprise to
me. Wonder if my kids feel the same way? Hummm.

I kick myself hourly for not signing up for the "Pop-up Books" workshop.
Wow! I saw her examples at the Createx vendor booth the day before her
workshop and was duly impressed. I'm sure hopin' she teaches it again next
year. I did find out she has two videos on that and other types of
book-making which I ordered and Davis Publications will be putting out a
book of hers when they finally "get 'round" to it. Can't wait for my

Excellent talk with "Becoming an Artist in Art I". Great speaker (Sunday
morning) who teaches high school and LOVES 9th graders. Gotta be special
for that, huh? She took us through her curriculum of drawing exercises and
lots of tips. All of this could be used for any level of K-12. I
particularly liked the way she broke down the beginning drawings into 3
main levels of thinking...
1. view...front, side, 3-quarters, bird's eye, etc.
2. size...small, med., large, over-large, proportion
3. it's put on the page

She also did a rather neat trick of using lined notebook paper for
beginning her face drawings. She had the kids # from 1-22 and then had them
count down to find the eyes, nose, etc.

Sidnie wrote....
>"I dont care if NAEA makes money--they have a giant to run and I feel that
>I get good benefit from it, but I want to know that there will be a
>certain level of quality from things that I pay to attend."

I feel the same way. I don't mind the fees IF the quality is good. Most I
found satisfying but the ones that weren't, REALLY were terribly bad (ie.
"stunk"). I'm surprised they were accepted. Don't the workshop planners
look into these things carefully when they plan a "national"?

The vendors were so friendly and gave tons of free handouts. As someone
mentioned before...they really DO do so much for us! Thank you vendors!!!!
Much more tech stuff too this year.

National Gallery of Art was fabulous. How lucky you eastern states are to
have this closer to you. I enjoyed the Stella pieces and the small Matisse
Papercuts exhibit the most. I also enjoyed their yummy cafeteria, yes!

Rooms were smaller this year with only one bathroom each. You really have
to like your roommate to share one tiny bathroom for a whole week. So
far...Carolyn and I are still friends...I think, ha.

Speaking of friends, some of us got together (unplanned) for a buffet
breakfast. Hi again...Kari, Judy G., Reatha, Sharon H., Judy N., Carolyn,
Maggie, Sidnie, Marilyn, Heidi. Also saw Henry, Craig, Amy (Crizmac) and
Robin. Made lots of new friends too.

Overall, a great conference! Toodles.......

Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526

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