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Clean Up Crazies

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Hingham - Foster - Cynthia - McKeon (cmckeon)
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 12:59:23 +0100

Last week I tried to post when totally stressed out, and I am glad for some
reason that it did not go through. I figured out a solution to my clean up
crazies with one class that I wanted to share with you.

I have one class I loved in every which way but during clean up. I did all of
the right things, gave them time warnings, wrote down expectations so that they
could read them as well as hear them from me, but not matter what I did, it was
as if when I said those dreaded words: "it is time to clean up and this is what
you need to do..." they totally spaced out. La de da, now I need to check out my
fingernails, I need to stand and talk, I need to contemplate my bellybutton.
These were a multi age 3/4 class. I had tried many consequences, had met with
their teacher, and she had clean up problems as well. After I tried to post to
the group the other day, I came up with a "ticket" solution which was backed up
in their classroom. Students either recieve a yellow ticket that states that
they cleaned up for the entire clean up period, or they get a blue ticket that
states that they did not at one point, and I have the most common offences listed
so that I can just circle the problem (and a place for "other" if I want to write
something in). It actually does not take much time at the end of class - since
there is follow up in their classroom (their teacher has a chart) all I do is
hand out the slips and she checks them off. They lose fun class time if they do
not clean for the whole clean up time (if she didn't want to follow up, I could
give time away from recess). I do not have to keep track of anything - I am
using one pocket of my apron for one, and another pocket for the other tickets.
They shaped up immediately, and I only had to give away three blue tickets
(versus the past few classes where no one wanted to be responsible and I was
totally stressed out). I think that his improved moral, it certainly did mine.

Does anyone have any other ideas which works with this type of class? Hope that
this helps someone.