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Thanks for glazing ideas

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Jasmine Preston (jdp30)
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 20:50:02 -0600

To those who responded to my glazing question, thank you very much for
taking the time to reply.

I always used pre-mixed glazes when I was at middle school. The high
school I am at this year, already had chemicals for glaze mixing. I talked
them into ordering pre-mixed by the gallon but I don't know when it will be
here. Our art show is in two weeks and I have about 150 pots averaging ten
inches high. I don't have to have them all glazed for the show, but I
don't want to put a bad glaze on a good pot. I have a lot of pots that
could be really good, depending on the glazing but, I don't have a lot of
time for experimenting. The recipes we have worked last year, but are not
working correctly this year. They all used a pre-mixed clear glaze as a
base. I think the fact that it is a different brand is affecting the
outcome. It's been really FRUSTRATING. I am afraid to let the kids glaze
their pots because I can't even predict the outcome.

I'm not sure that I was looking for any real answers, I just needed to
talk with someone who might understand. Once again, the list came through.


> From: Cynthia Davies <CynthiaDavies>
> To: jdp30
> Cc: Arts Net <>
> Subject: Stoneware with 05 glaze.
> Date: Sunday, March 28, 1999 12:42 PM
> Stoneware clay takes high fire glazes at Cone 5-8, but you can also
> it at 04 and glaze at 05/06. It won't have the vitrified look of
> "stoneware", but if it's all you've got.........!!!!!. Wear a mask to mix
> your glazes and if you get an opportunity to order, I recommend wet clay
> and pre-mixed glazes. As much as I love stoneware for my own work, the
> children much prefer the colors you can get with white earthenware or red
> with white slip, less breakages, quicker firings ( at a crunch I mix
> bisque and glost at 05 with no harm). Duncan do a good range of good
> lookalike stoneware 05/06 glazes including a superb celadon complete
> crazing. if you have to justify it, my theory is what you spend on pre
> you save in electricity and far better health control for you and those
> young lungs.
> Hope this helps
> Cynthia

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