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Re: younger Monet lesson

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Fri, 26 Mar 1999 21:39:57 EST

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<< I think I should have mentioned that the kids I need the Monet lesson
for are in first grade. Thank you all for your great ideas so far. Any more
for the younger ones? Keep them coming!!!!Thanks, Stephanie
My older kids are studying Monet, so I have a wall covered with his work, as
well as some other Impressionists. I simplified a lesson for my 1st graders,
explaining to them that Impressionists got their title because they believed
in THEIR IMPRESSION of the world...not what everyone else said was proper Art
at the time (i.e. photographic quality ail painting). I let them get very
close to the reproductions (the flower gardens!) to see all the different
colors that he used. The "wow's" and "whoa's!" This was near St Patty's Day,
so I grabbed all the shamrock letterpress negative shapes from the bin, and
let them use them as stencils. THey sponge-stencilled shamrocks all over
their papers, (using overlapping)but they could not use just ONE color (the
obvious RIGHT way to stencil!) They had to use at least three different
colors, not just green. You could adapt this to Easter egg shapes, and say
they could not decorate their egg shapes in the traditional perfect
lines or curves or dots...just a relaxed, interpretive and IMPRESSIONistic
way! Use any shape. Tempera paint dries quickly on construction paper, if
they sponge carefully, and the overlapping is successful. Demonstrate first.
No shiny or blobby paint! Hope this helps.