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RE: farm implements

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marianna delafield (mdelafield)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 21:49:43 -0600

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Subject: re: farm implements

>How about finding them in famous artworks (Grant Wood comes to
>mind). Or, putting them together to create a robot/creature
>type thing. That would be drawing or painting. Also, draw them
>as having a different use, like a rake as a comb for a giant.
>Third graders have pretty good imaginations...

I have a Magritte project in my book, Discovering Great Artists, where
the kids draw a shoe, perhaps a tennis shoe. Then they add little tiny
people climbing all over it, etc. so it looks like a GIANT SHOE. This
would be fun with farm implements...kind of like the idea above....maybe
King Kong climbing up a rake handle with airplanes buzzing all around.
The kids choose the implement, and then they draw their own "GIANT"
interpretation of integrating some drawing or things into the picture.
Teri is right;;;;;kids have the best imaginations so it would be fun and
easy for them. Just don't show them any finished samples of what their
work should look like, or they will most all draw that same thing. Just
talk about possibilities.

[marianna delafield] My grandkids have all been earth moving nuts when they were very small, and loved to draw these kinds of implements.Our Iowa children all seem to have a whole fleet of different kinds of trucks, tractors, plows, etc...and children love to draw that sort of mechanical thing too. They have something to look at to draw. I think its a great tie in to environmental issues, planting, being good custodians of the earth,and taking care of the land. If a child can connect to the earth they are captured forever...and gardening is a passion with many of us. This teacher has opened up an exciting door, and I wonder what she's doing with it in the classroom. I personally can't wait until its time to do some spring planting. Good thinking to tie in with Grant Wood.. or Thomas Hart Benton, or John Stuart Curry. Some good web sites on Grant wood on the internet.