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Re: 3rd Grade Lesson idea ?

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Jeanne Baas (wjbaas)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 20:35:21 +0000

The Farm thing. This was such a winner I've used it in multiple grades
and in interdisciplinary curriculum. Regular ed teaches loved it.
Asked kids to imagine that they owned some farm property. Had a large
carton with just enough cornmeal in it to cover the bottom. Was shallow
so kids could see in. I invented the farm from a birds eye view and
divided my property into fields and garden and hpuse plot. Did this with
my fingers in the cornmeal. Then with my son's old farm toys imagined
the machinery being airlifted into the field.We "plowed wioth the plow
behind the tractor. All the while turnimg and talking about the tracks
and line patterns it made in the dirt and how you could see them from
the air. Repeated this with other farm toys and then left a plot for the
garden and the house etc. Then gave kids large paper and asked them to
draw their farm and divide it into at least 5 fields. Leave room for all
the things a farmer need to store equipment etc. Oldert kids drew th
equipment very well. Little ones had a ball with their imaginations.
Tied this into math,line,pattern, civic development, etc etc. In all
grades the outcome was teriffic. Used paint with the older ones. Little
ones used crayon resist. Don't forget the people and animals etc. The
bonus for completing a good day's work was to play in the cornmeal farm.
It was magic. Could become someone elses farm with the shake of a box.
Know this was long- hope it helps.
Carpe Diem-Jlb