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Thu, 25 Mar 1999 20:42:59 EST

This learning community thread got my attention because I just did an "Art
Night" at my k-1 school that was based on the work of illustrator Eric Carle
(and since it has that all-important language/reading component that
principals love, maybe this would have some application to your situation)...
I've had my k-1's making collage paper for weeks as we familiarized ourselves
with Carle's style of collage making. They fingerpainted, they watercolored,
they mixed tempera colors-no "picture-making", just beautiful non-objective
colors and shapes that filled up each sheet of 11x14 fingerpaint paper. They
each ended up with 4-6 pieces of painted papers in their own portfolio. Then
they created a mini bug collage to get the drawing/cutting/pasting technique
down, and they even did some planning for a larger animal to be created on Art
Night with their parent. Finally, the night arrived and students and 1 parent
worked together as a team of 2, sharing one piece of 15x18 paper on which they
created an animal collage using the previously prepared paper. I had prepped
the kids as best I could on technique (ie- draw big, draw you shapes on the
back of the collage paper, then cut out and turn over, no drawing in pencil on
the art- only cutting out of shapes a la Eric Carle). The results are simply
incredible!!! The school looks wonderful- parents suprised themselves,
students were proud of their efforts and delighted with their parents
accomplishments- it was a great evening, I'm psyched. Yes, a controlling
parent will stillmicro-manage, yes, a certain kid may be stifled creatively,
but the vast majority simply enjoyed making art their kid and they came to
appreciate what problem solving is involved in art making.

Sorry for this long post- hope this helps... Now I'm looking for an
illustrator to study next year!!