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Re: Kid Pix and Kai's Power Goo-Mural

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Wed, 24 Mar 1999 23:37:18 EST

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Kai's power goo is an add on program for photoshop like software in which it
distorts things into melted shapes and can make funny faces. There are many
techniques in this product and it can be usefull when used with scanned
and photo manipulations. >>

I am doing a mural with two fifth grade classes. They are studying
shipwrecks, and the teacher asked if I could do anything in Art the would
relate. My first idea was watercolor, but these kids are really great, and we
brainstormed together and came up with the Mural idea...a monstrous underwater
scene with pieces of a shipwreck. Our first class, the kids just shared the
reference material and sketched. By the end of the class, I had gone around
to each student and checked where their interests were...and made categories
for them to work in groups. Aquatic life (fish!), the Ocean floor, Parts of
the Ship, etc. The funny part of this long post was in between classes I
thought we could "Xerox" their faces on the copy machine (with goggles one!)
cut them out, and paste them on painted bodies of scuba divers! My Principal
didn't believe one could do this, so I smushed her face on the glass of the
Xerox and showed her! What a riot. Of course, our Secretary had to point out
how much toner would be used up (it IS a totally black background) and the
obvious dangers halted this idea, but the 5th Grade teacher is going to take
their pictures and distort them somewhat on his KidPix program instead. Just
thought I would share this lesson, and any pointers would be appreciated. And
yes, I made copies and distributed the xerox of our principal with her face
all squooshed on the glass...made WANTED posters out of them. Faculty already
thinks I'm crazy, anyway! Here's to the 5th Grade Shipwreck Group