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Ceramic Set up

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Cynthia Davies (CynthiaDavies)
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 17:44:30 -0500

I agree, forget the pug mill and use the wet bucket.
First and foremost, start with good health habits. Clay/ glaze handling
need not be feared but respected.

Look after your lungs ( and the children's ) but you'll remain in the room
all day, breathing that lovely dust ......mmmmmmm. My suggestions are:-

Health Hazards Manual for Artists NY Nick Lyons 1985 Michael McCann
The Artists Complete Health and Safety Guide NY Allworth Press Monona
* Keeping Claywork Safe & Legal NCECA 1-800-99-NCECA

Skutt kiln with basic kiln sitter works fine. Extension rings can be added
later. If you have room two smaller kilns helps quicker turnover. Kiln
should be in a seperate room with VENT

Use pre mixed Non -Toxic glazes .Ceramic Supply Lodi NJ and Sax have a
well marked catalog.

Use talc free, pre mixed clay (Amoco Clay white clay), Wash all tools and
sponge and wet mop surfaces well after use. I buy huge car washing
sponges, put some music on and the children do the Art Room Shuffle , they
love it.

Room is swept with sweeping compound and wet mopped every evening.

Clay is rolled out on canvas mats which can be shaken outside. Dry "
crumbly" clay is put in their slip pot for next time and scrap clay is put
back in the plastic bag, sprayed with water , twisted close, banged with a
rolling pin ( no shortage of volunteers) and then put in the clay bin. 5
gallon Rubbermaid on wheels.

Encourage children to "finish" work while leather hard to avoid any sanding
to green ware

Use bisque or styrofoam or found molds with plastic wrap, or cheesecloth
slings instead of plaster.

I apologize if all this sounds over cautious. My lung collapsed 20 years
ago and I eventually had to have part of it removed. It was largely due to
neglect and ignorance of good work habits in the clay studio. With more
conciousness, and better "housekeeping" I have been able to manage my
asthma as well as teach and work on my own ceramics.
Hope this starts you off on the right footing



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