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California Teachers-Social Security

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Pat Duncan (pdmun)
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 22:08:02 -0800

Dear Debbie,

Yes, this bill will affect all teachers in non mandatory states. Right now
new teachers hired in California pay 1.42% of their salary for just the
Medicare portion of Social Security. We old timers had a choice whether we
wanted to or not.
I was covered as a spouse so I did not do it.

This change would only save SS for 2 years. All the California teachers
who are paying in would not collect because STRS is so much better as a
pension and the SS system would not pay as well so its just a new tax. Its
a windfall for the system for a while at least.

Meanwhile our schools will have to pay the matching 6.2%. That is a lot of $$
not going into education again. We can't afford that out here. Classes
are huge.

I am sick of trying to make a difference with 38 bodies a period. I know
some of you have bigger classes than that. I have had parents call and say
"You gave
Bobbie a D". I have to respond, "I have no idea if I did". I have over
180 kids.
I will have to look it up on the computer to be able to discuss his grade.

Class size reduction has not reached my classroom. I wonder if I
will ever see it too. Maybe that is why I am so active in the California
Teachers Association. They try to make a difference and they do at times.
Its a 24 hour
a day fight.

The Legislature reminds me of this quote:

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

Thanks for reading.

Pat Duncan
Madera High School
Madera, CA

>I realize this was sent to teachers in CA, but with this being a bill in
>the US Senate it will affect teachers in all states. When I taught in AR
>the teachers contributed to Social Security. Then I moved to Texas,
>teachers here don't pay Social Security. Teachers employed in Texas after
>1985? must pay Medicare tax only. This could greatly affect the raise that
>is being discussed in Texas.
>Debbie Nicholas
>Linden-Kildare Jr. High
>102 N. Taylor
>Linden, TX 75563
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>remain an artist once he grows up."
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